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About Exclusive Weeks

For the first time since we began to offer Exclusive Weeks to the general public, we would like to offer you a full understanding of what Exclusive Weeks actually are and furthermore, the benefits that Exclusive Weeks can provide to you and your family.

First of all, Exclusive Weeks give you the ability to travel to some of the highest standards of resorts without having to join into a club or membership scheme.

Our company has designed a holiday service that you can use over a 3 year period without ever being asked for any of the following:

  • Maintenance Fees
  • Exchange Fees
  • Transfer Fees
  • Banking Fees
  • Membership Fees.


We offer one off holidays in luxury accommodation for you to use in a large selection all over the globe.

There are several reasons that we have the ability to offer these low prices in the high standards typical of our resort portfolio.

Fact: There are less holiday makers going abroad every year

Like any business, these resorts have a large amount of outgoings per week through their staff, facilities, bill’s etc.…

For obvious reasons (recession, credit crunch, lack of disposable income) resorts have watched over a severe decrease in travellers over last 24 months and are now realizing that they are simply not going to fill themselves using conventional methods. Charging their full amounts of £500 or £1000 would be their ideal situation as it would create the most amount of revenue (more importantly for the resorts, clear profit) and keep them in control of their availability and clients but in the current climate this is not possible and other avenues have had to be explored.

Although working with ourselves will not create the level of revenue that these resorts are looking to attain, one thing that we can do, is fill these resorts with families (not stag do’s or hen parties) and couples that will respect the resorts and also other clients on the site.

In short these resorts have studied their situation and found through market research that the average family will spend 3 out of 7 days either having breakfast/lunch or dinner on site

This means that even with us offering this accommodation at the rates that we do, the resorts still feel other benefits:

  • Look busier
  • Reach maximum capacity
  • Have a better ambience and atmosphere
  • Make more money via the bars and restaurants
  • Makes more money via the general facilities
    (spa/ super market/ excursions/ ECT.)
  • Have more people to see the resort with an option for the resorts to receive your repeat business.
  • Have more people hearing about the resorts via word of mouth when you or any other clients return home from your holidays.


Above and beyond every thing that you have read, obviously the resorts main objective is to create money as well as clients. Due to the amount of repeat business that the resorts will receive, they do put stipulate one limitation. Exclusive Weeks can only be used once per resort.

Because of the discounts available these resorts do not want clients taking advantage of the situation. To get round this issue, the resorts will request the opportunity to explain to you what options/offers or services may be available to you for you to be able to stay in their resorts at massively reduced rates VIA their own clubs or memberships available.

Taking advantage of these services is 100% your own decision and bears no reflection on our company or services available.

Every resort offers different clubs, packages and services and it is likely that each resort travelled to will offer a different product. It is always worth taking full advantage of these products and services updates as one may be very suited to your holiday requirements, that said you may have no interest in any products offered by any resorts, but they may be perfect for a family member or a friend. If this is the case in future please do not hesitate to visit our families and friends option for further information to get them the best deals via your booking.