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The Maltese Islands lie in the centre of the Mediterranean. The archipelago is made up of mainland Malta, Gozo, Comino, and Cominotto. A smaller uninhabited island of Filfla is also part of the Maltese Islands. All together the islands make up a mere 316sq km. Malta is a small, tranquil island only 27km at its longest point from the northwest to southeast, and 14.5km at its widest point, from west to east.

Malta and Gozo draw together a richness of archaeological and architectural treasures, in a hospitable climate where the temperature climbs to 35C and makes the clear blue sea the most excellent of baths, and water sports a pleasure. The islands come to life with festivals known as festas which open up Maltese culture to visitors. Even tourist enclaves have their own festivals every night in pubs and discos.

Malta is a sunny, friendly island, a kind of Mediterranean crossroads where Europe meets Africa and East meets West. Many cultures have left their marks here. You can visit ancient tombs and temples, bathe in the bay where St Paul landed, see the catacombs of the early Christians. Warm year-round sunshine attracts water sports enthusiasts, there are a few sandy beaches and the rocky coves are excellent for scuba diving and snorkelling.

Malta has a sister island called Gozo which is also a very popular holiday destination. Both islands offer a wide variety of tourist attractions and festivals for those looking to sample some of the local culture.

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